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Sensible Primal and Abenomics

This isn’t going to be a post about the pros and cons of the Abe cabinet’s fiscal policy since the LDP came to power in 2012, but rather a calm look at the facts and some suggestions as to how

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Power-up Your Primal Outing

Here’s a tweak that works no matter where you are: Organise a meetup where everyone leaves their phones at home. For us it was a Meat-up at Barbacoa Grill in Aoyama with a few of my meat-loving buddies. The verdict?

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Utilitarian Ribs Recipe

This is a no-bullshit recipe for slow cooker ribs that you can prepare in Japan. Ingredients Ribs 1.8kg (less works, more works too. Just adjust the cooking time accordingly) Salt & Pepper (or some kind of fancypants rub) Vinegar 2

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