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Utilitarian Baked Chicken Recipe

In keeping with the theme of stripping paleo/primal recipes down to their bare bones and slapping the word “utilitarian” in the title I’ve decided to grace you all with basic instructions for baked chicken. Anyway, less talk more utility. Ingredients

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$how Me the Mone¥!!!

Who said perseverance doesn’t pay off? My Amazon Associates application finally stopped being rejected.  That means every time you take me up on one of my highly-thought-out, awesome product suggestions (eg like on my Definitive Primal Shopping Guide) I can

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Sensible Primal and Abenomics

This isn’t going to be a post about the pros and cons of the Abe cabinet’s fiscal policy since the LDP came to power in 2012, but rather a calm look at the facts and some suggestions as to how

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Worst Coffee in the World Found Here in Japan

I learnt a couple of valuable lessons recently: If a store has “meat” in the name then you shouldn’t be surprised when their coffee beans taste like ass Even grinding your own beans, if the beans are bad enough to

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Power-up Your Primal Outing

Here’s a tweak that works no matter where you are: Organise a meetup where everyone leaves their phones at home. For us it was a Meat-up at Barbacoa Grill in Aoyama with a few of my meat-loving buddies. The verdict?

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Utilitarian Ribs Recipe

This is a no-bullshit recipe for slow cooker ribs that you can prepare in Japan. Ingredients Ribs 1.8kg (less works, more works too. Just adjust the cooking time accordingly) Salt & Pepper (or some kind of fancypants rub) Vinegar 2

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Ribs in Japan? Sourcing the Rack

While chopstick mastery for a foreigner is to be politely applauded, and exercising different (hand) muscles would be in line with primal guidelines, there comes a time* when you need to pick up your food using “nature’s chopsticks” (ie bones)

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