Living by paleo/primal principles in Japan requires a different approach. The good part is, if you’ve spent any time here at all then this should come as no surprise – Japan is just different.

I’ve been living by the principles set out in Mark Sisson’s Primal Blueprint (from the Mark’s Daily Apple site) for several years now here in Japan. I got fed up with hearing all the same lame excuses (“It’s too expensive to go primal in Japan,” “There are no gyms with weights over 10kg here,” “Impossible if you have to drink with colleagues eight nights a week,” wah wah boo hoo etc) so pretty much out of exasperation this blog was born.

My interpretation is pretty loose, and I’m not as hardcore as some of the others out there (fuck Crossfit never again lol) but the results are fine:

  • Late-30s Australian male
  • 15% body fat
  • 181cm, 75kg
  • v-shaped physique, small amount of stubborn stomach fat
  • 135/60 blood pressure, all other indicators (except cholesterol – heh) indicate exceptional health
  • constant energy

I’ve achieved this with:

  • Exercise: Two 15 minute workouts each week, plus about five hours walking
  • Food: About 80% self-prepared and primal/paleo.
  • Sleep: 8 hours ending with a Sunrise Lamp
  • Sun: Vitamin D supplements recommended for the colder months, but no shortage of sun over here in the Summer
  • Play: Plenty of options here, oh boy.

I’ve got all the regular constraints on my time – work, friends, hangovers, etc – but I fit it all in on time on budget. You don’t need an expat package, you don’t need to spend your entire weekend preparing food. You just need to approach it a little differently to back home, work around the difficult parts while taking advantage of some things that make it easier to live a primal lifestyle in Japan and before you know it you’ll be thriving on clean food and exercise and embarrassed at the excuses you used to make back when you were a whiny little chump.



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