$how Me the Mone¥!!!

Who said perseverance doesn’t pay off?

My Amazon Associates application finally stopped being rejected.  That means every time you take me up on one of my highly-thought-out, awesome product suggestions (eg like on my Definitive Primal Shopping Guide) I can get paid.

Diving around in money

You and me both, buddy


If you’re living over here in Japan and are thinking of doing some blogging you might want to sign up for the local Japanese Amazon Associates program too – https://affiliate.amazon.co.jp/ If there is some interest I may give some instructions in a future post, but the initial signup form is almost identical to the English one and there is only one free-form text field (you might even be able to use English here, not sure).

In case you were wondering, the thing that seemed to be the cause of all the pain was the fact that I didn’t mention anywhere on this site that I use Amazon Associate links. It’s not in the boiler-plate rejection response, but it’s a requirement on point 10 of the Japanese version of the contract. Adding it to the “Disclaimers” section seems to have solved the problem.

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  • I monetize with things like referrer links (Amazonアソシエイト、etc) etc. Every word you read on this site sends gold coins directly into my massive money pit where I swim in it.
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