Power-up Your Primal Outing

Here’s a tweak that works no matter where you are: Organise a meetup where everyone leaves their phones at home.

For us it was a Meat-up at Barbacoa Grill in Aoyama with a few of my meat-loving buddies. The verdict? We’ll be doing this again in future.

The two biggest observations were:

  1. how you can “reckon” stuff and not face scrutiny of having it looked up on Wikipedia straight away, and
  2. how usually at one of these things, once everyone is stuffed full of meat and salad* and there is a collective protein-tainted sigh the default action is to pull out the phone and see how popular we are (and hence our worth as a human being) thanks to the pics we uploaded of lunch, then upload a new round of pics of dinner and wait for the comments and Likes to come rolling in. Not having this distraction meant we could continue talking for the full allocated two hours until we were kicked out.

The other notable event was one of the guys getting lost on the way to the venue with no way to let us know, no way to bring up a map. How did he resolve this issue? He used a skill that our primal ancestors would have used on a daily basis and spoke to people on the street to ask directions ZOMG!!

Incidentally, the reason we went phone free was because one member’s phone was damaged in the torrential rain as the heavens opened over the Adachi-ku Fireworks on Saturday. The rest of us were like “awesome!” and then we were like “let’s do this,” and decided on this +1 primal power-up which you can use any time either on your own or as a group.


* minus the salad.

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